Frequently Asked Questions:

What are your shipping charges?

Our simple shipping charges are as follows:

0 to $100.00----------------------------$9.86
$100.01 to $175.00--------------------$11.88
$175.00 and up----------------FREE SHIPPING!

Are there box charges or any additional shipping charges?

Nope! Unlike many other aquarium retailers we do not charge box fees or additional shipping charges for large, bulky, or heavy items. The simple shipping charges are all we ask.

Do you offer overnight shipping?

We do not currently offer expedited shipping. One pound rates to California start at $65.40 and increase from there. Most customers are not willing to pay this much!

What if an item is out of stock?

If your items are out of stock we will notify you via e-mail. Then, at your discretion, you may receive a full refund, or be placed on our back-order list to receive the item as soon as it becomes available.

What is your return policy?

We sell only new and unused aquarium filter parts and media.
Due to the extremely sensitive nature of aquatic and marine life we are not able to accept returns.
A potentially used item can not be resold to our valued customers.

Do you have a toll free 24 hour order line?

In the interest of providing the lowest prices and fastest service we do not. We can implement one, but it would result in a 20 to 30% price increase!

What is your address? Can I come and visit? is located at: 580 E. Main St Suite E Larksville, PA 18651

We accept internet orders from this location and are not set up for customer visits at this time.

Do you accept purchase orders and payment after delivery by check or C.O.D?

Unfortunately we do not accept checks, purchase orders, and C.O.D.'s. If you wish to place an order for your institution a credit card is necessary.

Help! I placed an order but never received an order confirmation e-mail!

First off, check your spam mailbox. The emails are computer generated - and occasionally confused for spam. If you forgot to add your e-mail address or misspelled it be sure to let us know. We will make sure you get your information!

Can I ship my filter to you to have it repaired?

We do not currently offer this type of service.

Do you ship internationally?

We do not currently ship items outside of the continental United States.

Are you the manufacturer of Fluval products?

We are an independent retailer of Fluval products. Rolf C. Hagen USA manufactures the Fluval line of filters. We do not manufacture any of the items we sell.

My filter is still under warranty. Can you send free parts?

We are not legally permitted to service the manufacturer's warranty. Please contact them directly.

I purchased a broken item from a local retailer - can you send a free replacement?

We are an independent retailer and are not legally authorized to do so. Please contact the manufacturer or your retailer directly.